17 May 2013

In Print

A short post - and a re-blog.
My recent foray into the world of artist-book publishing has been highlighted online by one of the contributors; critic, curator Annick Bureaud.
Here is the link to her original posting.

"Lyons’s work deals with art and science but also with craftmanship, landscape and climate change, deep mapping and field recordings, poetry and environmental and land art, slowness and time, and much more."

Part of the book text can be seen here.

It is published by Wild Conversations Press, and supported by PLaCE Research Centre, UWE, Bristol. Many thanks to Dr Iain Biggs (PLaCE), and editor/producer Tom Sowden (UWE) for making this happen.

Some more of Annick's photos of the book are copied below.

Good also to be reminded of some more of the content, including this quote from
Maja and Reuben Fowkes:

“ Art has potentially the most radical implications for ecology and the potential to offer an antidote to the ‘mental pollution’ that is arguably as important an ecological factor as the poisoning of the rivers or the consumption of carbon.”

This is from an article (In Search of an Antidote in Contemporary Art', Verge No. 1, 2010) which was given to me by the editor of Verge, John Cunningham during my residency in Donegal in 2010. In this article, they explore how "The writings of Felix Guattari may offer a counterpoint to the current simplification of our understanding of sustainability and, in his concern for the mental sphere of human subjectivities, have particular relevance to the interests and potentialities of contemporary art. The Three Ecologies, published in 1989, anticipated many of the issues facing the globalised world of today..."